sábado, octubre 22, 2005

por fin!!

i feel like drawing again! for some months i´ve been really busy, still i am, and never have time or energy to dedicate some time to draw in my several notebooks.
my new baby take so much time too, but is not her fault.
but on these days since i started publishing on this blog i´ve returned to my habits of drawing a little for my own, no only for my job.
and is great!
so here some of the examples i did in my mac. a different classical ballet scene.

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germanalonsoiglesias dijo...

¡Pero tu de qué vas colega! ¡Escribiendo en inglés!
Pues tienes a mamá loca creyendo que te escriben desde otros paises.

Muy bonito el blog, pero se te ha olvidado poner los comics de "tortugo" y el de "comando".

Un saludito, Germán.